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How does the Industry
View Technology?


Sales Perspectives

These are excerpts from discussions our team had with professionals within the industry and their viewpoints.

Having these discussions and interviews is a key aspect of our understanding of how people other than the manufacturers feel about the dramatic advancement of the interactive design within our automobiles.

BMW Interview

Danbury CT

Overall the idea of these car advancements is not everyone's favorite. In particular as a car salesman, he is seeing that these electrically run and more advanced systems are just not selling in this generation. Now, this is important to conceptualize. People are fluent with how their older model cars work, why would they want to have to learn a completely new system? Another note to mention is the lack of manual buttons that are in these new models is making many customers quite confused. Nowadays, buying a vehicle is more important than gas mileage and reliability; more customers are more interested in if they can switch to their new vehicle without having to relearn how to operate any technical aspects within the operating system,

Audi Interview

Virginia - Anonymous

Throughout our conversation, we spoke on many points of interest in the changes within developments of Audi's user interface in their vehicles. Specifically, they wanted me to know confidently that the user reaction to these developments has all been great and the learning curve into the newest abilities of the cars is very user-friendly. Additionally, Audi's goal is to not change the format of how users interact with their cars. They felt that Audi has made it important to keep the basics of the interfaces within the systems included as much as possible. Saying this they still would have the opportunity and the ability to add new features to user interfaces in their vehicles.

Mercedes Interview

Anonymous - New York

Overall, during our interview, we spoke about how Mercedes is strongly headed in the direction of fully autonomous driving and creating a system in which user interaction is minimalized to non-driving aspects. Alongside other luxury car brands, the customers are at the forefront of importance within their designs, yet we understand that design features may not always stay the same in the presence of extremely developed safety features and technology. Electric cars have become significantly more advanced and customers are very open to these changes. They did say that there is a portion of Mercedes users who still desire the traditional sounds of an engine, yet Mercedes is making sure to have the best of both technologies. In conclusion, Mercedes's technology is advancing rapidly and this is very attractive to customers.

Porsche Interview

Danbury, CT - Max: Professional Tech Rep

While speaking to I was able to immediately understand the vitality of the user experience within Porsche ideations. Although there are plenty of iterations and advancements that are not as user-friendly, Porsche makes user interaction a priority within their vehicles. Although the new advancements are more complex, it is all in the best interest of safety as well as user capability. Many customers have expressed their love of driving Porsche and how even through so much development they are still in love with cars such as the Taycan Electric. Aside from what Porsche is continuing to advance, he personally would like to see a universal infotainment system added to the development of our future automobiles. By this, he means some vehicles are targeted more towards Samsung or Apple within the industry and it would be more beneficial to have one universal system.

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