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The Future is Here


  • 2003 marks the day of the debut of an intelligent parking assistant that not only can help with parallel parking but also backing into spots as well. 

  • At this point in our timeline, many user interactive systems have been added in order to make more user experience within the car. Alongside Toyota's recent Hybrid Prius, in 2003 they released a new version of the Prius that comes with a possible feature that automatically guides your car to its desired spot without the use of any user interaction.

  • The user interface has grown in such ways that we can now consider letting a machine do the work for us, getting rid of any human risk as every move is calculated precisely by the automobile.

  • In 2010, we launched into the era of even more advanced safety features within our vehicles; including lane departure warnings, high beam controls, as well as smartphone integration.

  • In 2014 we reach the next large step into the future of user interaction within cars will become more interactive or will systems and programs take over as we step into the age of Tesla and autonomous driving.

  • As we step into the next decade of ideation and re-innovation we are able to understand the possible next steps and rather than understanding what is best for us many users are focused on what is the least damaging to the world.

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