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Diagnostic Ideational Advancement

  • Within 2 years, from 1994 to 1996 not only do onboard diagnostics become part of the user interface systems, but cars can be connected to a system to call 911 after an accident. 


  • Throughout the 2000s, GPS navigational systems became more popular in most newer modeled cars, while at the same time, the idea of hybrid vehicles was taking its first steps again in a new world.

  • The fundamental ability to no longer be distracted with your phone while driving eased many drivers as GM had recently come out with their OnStar System. 

  • The transcendence of technology within so few years is astounding as now the user experience within a car has been taken to a whole new limit and the interaction within the car has been adapted to voice-activated phone calls.

  • Over the last 8 years technology has been advancing rapidly as new ideations are coming to the front. In 2002 Infiniti became the first automaker to offer a rear camera on the Q45 sedan.

  • This was the first official time that it was a live feed alongside your digital screen within your dashboard that had guiding lines and a real-time view.

  • Over the next 16 years, this became a required aspect of every automaker made the rear view cameras a standard concept in their vehicles.

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