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User Experience Erupts



  • Only just one year later a partner company of GM; Honda created the CVCC engine which met the amendments without the need for catalytic converters.

  • These adaptations to the Clean Air Act as well as the catalytic converters have enabled a greater user experience for those customers that had previously had to deal with the lead in the gasoline.

  • Only one later after the resolution of the Clean Air Act automobiles began to see digital dashboards. The first truly digital dashboard was seen in the Aston Martin Lagonda. 

  • Airbags were only available on some luxury end cars but now they will be standard as Chrysler had already put them in six of their models for no extra charge as customers feel safer with them in the car.

  • Mauro Del Signore patented and re-invented parking sensors in 1992 which were electromagnetic sensors that relied on the vehicle moving slowly in order to detect the object.

  • As the vehicle gets closer the tone of the signal will become louder and regardless of if the car is in motion or not, there will still be a response from the system.

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