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The transition to a more comfortable ride


  • Originally Coil springs were invented back in 1763 but due to their pricey production cost it would not be until 1934 that they resurfaced.

  • General Motors took on the name of changing the name of suspension in their cars. They introduced vehicles using coil springs in their front suspension yet they had them separated on each wheel which reduced the bouncing of the springs.

  • The advancement of comfortability in the drivetrain of General Motors cars turned the idealogy of other manufacturers globally which in turn allowed them to see these benefits and add them to their own designs.

  • In 1949 Chrysler developed and released its first car key that could start its engine all on its own. Before this advancement in the enabling of the circuitry, keys were simply just used as a way to lock the electrical circuit.

  • The benefit of not needing to switch the car on your own manually is another factor in creating a product that is built in the mindset of user interaction and what the most beneficial and efficient method would be.

  • Later on in the history of technological advancements in cars, the key fob was actually one of the most revolutionary advancements of its time.

  • Power steering is the capability to have assistance when trying to maneuver your vehicle and without it, there would need to be a heavy amount of force just to even park your car.

  • In 1951, Chrysler affixed the first-ever power steering system to the Imperial which was a production car allowing for there to be more steering response within the vehicle.

  • One of the most implemented vehicles was in army tanks and cruisers during WW2 in order to aid in safety and steering within heavily armored vehicles that weighed great amounts.

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