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Our beginnings within the creation of vehicles dates back over 130+ years, yet in order to consider an automobile to be what it is, it all starts with a definition. Nowadays, our definition is a road-vehicle able to carry a few people and is powered by an engine.

Back to the Past - 1885-1908

  • 1885

  • The first ever gasoline engine was developed by Carl Benz and successfully ran in 1879. The patent for this vehicle was applied for in 1886 and this became the start of the automobile.

  • In 1888 Benz's wife and sons took the modeled car on a 180 km journey to Pforzheim showing the ability of this vehicle to the entire world. This was the beginning of Benz & Cie. 

  • As history knows it, this journey of a modified version of Carl Benz's first ideation of a car is the beginning of the automotive industry and the start of our interaction with automobiles.

  • This ideation of technology was the first automobile; The Velo was in production with 1200 units produced and compact stature.

  • This concept was the first instance of society interacting with automobiles and the developments of travel as we knew it. Conceptually, the birth of production had only just begun.

  • 1890s

  • In 1890 a man by the name of William Morrison created the first ever electrically run car in the U.S. It was rudimentary, yet fit 6 people and could go 14 mph.

  • In 1897 we saw the first contra-engine vehicle by Carl Benz in which the cylinders were positioned on opposing sides to each other.

  • Both America and countries like France, Germany, and Britain were understanding the conceptualized ideation of an automobile that was run by electricity rather than steam or other fuel.

  • In 1894 the first-ever motor vehicle race was held from Paris to Rouen on Sunday, 22nd July 1894.


  • At this point in time, the race was judged on the concept of which car was able to travel 50 km in the most cost-efficient and least dangerous manner, and that it runs on its own power.

  • The first-ever automobile race had begun the long story of competition for new developments within the industry which drove each automobile created to be more advanced than the predecessor.

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